About Us


Our vision is to create a future where young individuals are equipped with the skills and knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship, specifically design thinking, enabling them to understand and address their own challenges, societal issues, and global challenges. Through interactive and engaging activities, we strive to provide a platform for young people to share their ideas, collaborate, and learn from one another. We envision a society where the younger generation actively contributes to sustainable development by applying their innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit to create positive and impactful solutions. By nurturing their creativity and fostering a culture of collaboration, we aspire to inspire a generation of changemakers who drive social and environmental progress. 


Our mission is to empower young people by providing them with the skills and knowledge related to innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly design thinking. Through interactive and exciting activities, we aim to educate young individuals about their own challenges, societal issues, and global challenges, enabling them to identify and develop innovative solutions. By fostering a collaborative environment, we encourage young people to share their ideas and experiences with each other. Our goal is to inspire and equip the younger generation to contribute to sustainable development by leveraging innovation and entrepreneurship. 



Creative Cooperation Organization for Culture and Development (CCOCD) founded in 28 may 2016 is a cultural and developmental organization with a vision of Active citizens in a developed Afghanistan”. Its mission is “To Cooperate with Afghanistan citizens and entities through creative education, design thinking and linking culture with development”. The organization works for systemic change by blending science-based advocacy and creative constituency development with strong coalition to organize strategic issue campaigns. The organization has two major program areas: “Culture” and “Development” which paved the ground for creative talents to work together.

CCOCD launched its operations coordinating with other associations and organizations to promote creative and innovative programs. The organization now has twenty staff members and implemented successful programs, many useful workshops in north, north east and central regions of Afghanistan.


Creative Cooperation Organization for Culture and Development has committed team members, they feel themselves responsible in taking the organization to its optimal level. CCOCD’s management encompasses broad networking both nationally and internationally. This can provide the organization a unique opportunity to stay tuned and have accessibility to different resources for doing its activities and achieve its vision.

Having extensive experience in implementation of different projects in Afghanistan, the projects were implemented satisfactorily, at the end, the projects were audited by well-known audit firms as well. CCOCD has the ability to conduct creative and innovative projects or launch concepts to be implemented, this can give the organization a unique stand in the society. CCOCD’s image among civil society organizations and donor community is incredible, this is because it follows high ethical standards and follows the project cycle from the beginning till end very carefully considering effectiveness and efficiency in all the steps it takes.


CCOCD has implemented many projects. After the successful completion of all the projects, they were undergone through an audit process and audit has been done successfully. Management letters are issued positively.

One of the core aim of CCOCD is to accomplish projects on time, scope and budget considering the high quality of the final product to the beneficiary as well. This is very important and vital for the management team of the CCOCD in order to deliver the final result to satisfy all the engaged parties in the project.

Fields of work

CCOCD works in a variaty of different fields

  • Education promotion campaigns.
  • Educational competitions between schools.
  • Supporting school libraries.
  • Supporting school labs.
  • Production of creative teaching materials for schools and institutions, active in the field of education.
  • Mobile classes.
  • Workshops on modern teaching methods for teachers.
  • Innovation in education.
  • Science education programs through entertaining activities.
  • Literacy.
  • Production of television programs, for better teaching of school lessons and development of general knowledge of students.
  • Designing and printing supplementary teaching materials.
  • Cooperation with university students in the field of research and translation.
  • Designing and launching educational festivals with the Ministry of Education for schools.
  • Workshops on 4 Cs: Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Collaboration and Communication skills.
  • Hearing and vision checks for preschool children.
  • Community-Based awareness on Maternal and Child Health (MCH).
  • Psychotherapy
  • Health education
  • Farmers training on improving fruit drying techniques and quality.
  • Creative collaboration with ministries for good governance: SDG’s and work for youth and children.
  • International Day of the Girl Child.
  • STEM for Girls.
  • Creative writing workshops.
  • Vocational training for women and girls.
  • Empowering women entrepreneurs.
  • TV shows by girls for girls.
  • Women/girls self-esteem and self-expression.
  • Cooperation for publishing the works of women and holding exhibitions of books written by women.
  • Design thinking training workshop.
  • Creative problem-solving techniques workshop.
  • Cooperation on idea generation for start-ups.
  • Prototyping cooperation.